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Driving directions and parking at Oakland Medical Center

3600 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611 


Map and driving directions to Oakland Medical CenterKaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external Internet sites. 

Directions back to highways from Oakland Kaiser Medical Center

* Parking and Shuttle Information *



  • Bike stands located in front of the Fabiola building

  • Behind the Security Office at street level of the Visitor's parking garage on Howe Street

  • Inside the 3510 Broadway garage (across the driveway from the hospital and 3600 Broadway Specialty Medical Office Building) - parking officials can point you to the location

  • Inside the 3751 Broadway garage (adjacent to the 3701 Broadway Medical Office Building) at street level near the Broadway entrance


  • 3780 Howe Street (across from the Fabiola Building)
  • 3510 Broadway (across the driveway from the hospital and Specialty Medical Office Building at 3600 Broadway)
  • 3751 Broadway (adjacent to the 3701 Broadway Medical Office Building)
  • Parking for 3900 Broadway is on Cerrito Ave, between 38th Street and 40th Street
  • 2-hour metered street parking on Broadway

See our map 

Rates for all Kaiser Oakland Medical Center garages: 

The first 30 minutes are FREE
Each 30 minutes thereafter is $1
After four hours the maximum total is $18.

City regulations require that Kaiser Permanente charge a fee for parking at its Oakland facilities.

How to use the 3780 Howe Street parking garage:

  1. Take the ticket from the dispenser as you drive through the entrance of the garage. Keep the ticket with you at all times.

  2. When you return to the garage after your appointment, go to the cashier's window before returning to your vehicle, and pay your parking fee. The cashier will process your ticket and return it to you.

  3. As you drive out of the garage, insert the paid ticket into the dispenser at the exit and the gate will open. Please watch for pedestrians!

How to use the 3751 Broadway parking garage (next to 3701 Broadway):

  1. The patient drop-off area is located inside the Broadway entrance of the garage.

  2. Continue to the 2nd floor for the ticket dispenser and to park.

  3. There are two sets of elevators: one for the garage and one for the medical offices.
    Take the garage elevators to the Ground floor, 1st floor, or 2nd floor to enter the Medical Office Building, and use the Medical Office Building's elevators to get to your appointment.

  4. Payment machines are near the elevators of floors G1, 1, and 2. Or you can go to the cashier's office on the first floor of the garage.
    NOTE: You must pay before getting into your car and leaving.

  5. DISABLED PARKING, including a valet drop-off area, is available on all floors, $3.


If members need to visit multiple locations, our KP Loop Shuttle connects to key medical center destinations. Board or disembark at:

  • 3772 Howe Street
  • 3701 Broadway
  • 3600 Broadway SMOB Patient Pick-up/Drop-off Zone 

Hours of shuttle operation: M - F 8:00am - 7:00pm

Additionally our KP BART Shuttle circles every 10-20 minutes; please see marked shuttle vehicles

For reference see our Oakland Medical Center Campus map.

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