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ReThink Your Drink

ReThink Your DrinkKaiser Permanente, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County, Santa Clara County Public Health Department, and the Bay Area Nutrition & Physical Activity Collaborative (BANPAC) are leading the ReThink Your Drink Campaign in Santa Clara County, which encourages families, to reduce or eliminate drinking sugar-sweetened beverages.
For kids of all ages, water is the best choice.

Why focus on sugary drinks?

  • Currently, one in three children in California is overweight
  • In Santa Clara County, 41% of children, ages 2-11, and 48% of teens are drinking one or more sodas or other sweetened beverages per day
  • While there are many causes of childhood obesity, the single biggest source of added sugar in the American diet is sugary drinks and sodas

Families are asked to choose healthy drinks like water, nonfat/lowfat milk or unsweetened ice teas instead of sugary drinks like sodas, sports drinks, or juices/juice blends or punch.

Potter the Otter BookPotter the Otter

For young children, Potter the Otter is the champion for water! He is the official mascot of the ReThink Your Drink campaign with his children’s storybook, “Potter the Water: A Tale About Water,” created by FIRST 5 Santa Clara County.

Through Kaiser Permanente’s investment and involvement, pediatricians deliver a health message along with the book to all young children during their pediatric care visits.

In addition, Kaiser Permanente has provided 80,000 books to the community through schools, free and low-cost community health clinics, and community based organizations.

Click here to meet Potter the OtterKaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external Internet sites..

Dexter and MartinaDexter and Martina
Elementary age children are learning about the benefits of water through an innovative public service announcement campaign on YouTube. Kaiser Permanente created animated videos and a musical “rap” jingle featuring Dexter and Martina, who teach kids about how much sugar is in common children’s drinks, like soda and juice.

This campaign was awarded a Silver Plaque for Best PSA Campaign by the 2012 Hugo Television Awards.

The videos and jingle were made possible through an in-kind donation by Kaiser Permanente to the Santa Clara County Public Health Department.

Click here to watch and listenKaiser Permanente is not responsible for the content or policies of external Internet sites..

Dexter and Martina are also featured in two activity books: The Rule of Four and Pyramid Power. The books are a cartoon-style that allows children to learn how to calculate how much sugar can be found in popular drinks and how much sugar can be consumed in a day from soda.  Kaiser Permanente has distributed over 35,000 books to children through schools, community clinics and non-profit organizations.

For more information on how to ReThink Your Drink, click here.

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Last updated on 5/5/2014.

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