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  • A history of cancer or unexplained weight loss.

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Mark Cohen, MD

Developmental Pediatrics

As a pediatric subspecialist, I value my relationship with you and your child. And I know that maintaining a good relationship means being able to communicate with each other. My colleagues and I have developed My Doctor Online so that we can stay in touch more easily, and so you can have access to the most up-to-date health information. I hope you find it helpful.

My Offices

Santa Clara Homestead
Appt/Advice: 1-408-851-1240

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I believe that all children deserve a chance to grow and develop and reach their maximal potential. I make every effort to educate and support the parents and caretakers of children with developmental disorders, since they are the real experts when it comes to their own child.

As a developmental pediatrician, I evaluate and monitor children with known or suspected problems such as developmental delay, speech and language delay, mental retardation, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disorders, autism, and genetic disorders. I also help to monitor the developmental progress of premature babies and other children at higher risk. I provide the expertise and backup to help assure that children with developmental disorders have an effective and comprehensive "medical home" with their primary pediatrician.

Having been a practicing general pediatrician for many years, my focus is on helping pediatricians to detect children who may have developmental problems, and to coordinate their care.

I graduated from Princeton University and received my M.D. degree from Penn State University's Hershey Medical Center (yes, where the chocolate factory is!) in 1977. I then went on to complete my pediatrics residency at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. I completed a fellowship in Developmental Pediatrics at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, and have lived west of the Rockies ever since, including California and the Northwest. I spent eight years as a solo pediatrician in Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawaii, the rainiest city in the U.S. I moved back to California and joined Kaiser Permanente in 2005.

Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to my clinical practice as a Developmental Pediatrician at Kaiser Santa Clara, I also have a regional role as co-director of the Northern California Pediatric Developmental Disabilities Office which is based in Oakland.


Medical EducationPennsylvania State University College of Medicine,
Hershey, PA
ResidencyChildren's Hospital of Philadelphia,
Philadelphia, PA
FellowshipOregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine,
Portland, OR
Board certificationPediatrics,
American Board of Pediatrics
Board certificationDevelopmental and Behavioral Pediatrics,
American Board of Pediatrics

My Colleagues

Dr. Miriam Menzel is an experienced Developmental Pediatrician who has recently joined our group. Depending on our schedules, your child may receive an appointment with either Dr. Menzel or with me. 

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