Genetics Northern California


Welcome to the Sacramento Genetics Department!

The Sacramento Genetics Department is one of five sub-regional Genetics departments that make up the Northern California Regional Genetics Program 

We specialize in counseling, diagnosis and management of genetically-influenced conditions. Our clinical services include prenatal counseling and diagnosis, neonatal genetics consultation services, pediatric and adult genetic counseling and evaluation, hereditary cancer risk evaluation, and genetic screening.

                   Sacramento Staff Directory

Medical Geneticists

Genetic Counselors

Lipson, Mark MD

Adams, Kelly MS LCGC

Moghaddam, Billur, MD
Tezcan, Kamer MD



Bartell, Tina MS LCGC

Braverman, Katie MS LCGC

Brookhyser, Karen MS LCGC

Burt, BethAnn MS LCGC

Deubler, Debi MS LCGC

Dolliver, Michele MS LCGC
Hoodfar, Elizabeth MS LCGC

Imagire, Robin MS LCGC

Jones, Katie (Katheryn) MS LCGC

Martinezmoles, Johanna MS LCGC
Massa, Jake (James) MS LCGC

McGinniss, Molly MS LCGC

McKinnie, Bonnie MS LCGC

Okenfuss, Ericka MS LCGC


Sifry-Platt, Mara MS LCGC


Van Riper, Alexander MS LCGC

Main Location:
Point West Medical Office Building
1650 Response Road
Sacramento, CA

(916) 614-4075
(866) 916-4075 Toll Free

Genetic Services are also provided at the following locations:

Roseville Medical Center
1600 Eureka Road
Roseville, CA 

Vacaville Medical Center
1 Quality Drive
Vacaville, CA