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The Atlantic - Scared

The Atlantic: Is it Possible to Be Scared to Death?

Humaira Siddiqi, MD, MAPMG Chief of Psychiatry in Northern Virginia, explains on how the brain and body react when someone is extremely afraid and offers advice on how best to cope with fear.

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Avoid the Flu

The Flu Vaccine: Give It a Shot

The flu isn't a disease to take lightly. This infographic explains how the flu vaccine can protect you and dispels common flu vaccine myths.

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Capitol Hill Pediatricians

New Pediatrics Specialty Center Ready to Serve Capitol Hill Patients

The Interdisciplinary Pediatrics Center at Kasier Permanente's Capitol Hill Medical Center will increase capacity and enhance medical services for children.

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Free App Helps Members Manage Any and All Medications

Tracking medications can be a hassle. When do you take each one? Should it be with or without food? Is the blue or purple one? Your Kaiser Permanente membership comes with access to a free app that does much of the work for you by linking to your medical record. Want to download it?

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Awards and Recognition

Dr. Shital Desai

Shital Desai, MD Named Physician in Chief for DC & Suburban Maryland

DCSM Chief of Adult and Family Medicine Shital Desai, MD was confirmed as MAPMG's new District of Columbia and Suburban Maryland's Physician in Chief on June 26.

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