Our Services

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Highly trained and qualified physicians are recruited into more than 50 specialties (click here for a full list) to ensure patients can access a wide range of services and be confident in getting world-class care for virtually any condition - from the simple to the highly complex.

When you choose a Permanente physician, you open a gateway to more services and convenience than typical doctor's offices have historically provided.

We provide all of the basics you would expect and demand:

  • Choice of your own personal primary care physician and, for women, a personal Ob/Gyn.
  • Welcoming offices with comfortable waiting spaces.
  • Modern technology and tools to provide preventive, routine, diagnostic, consultative and curative services.

2.6 About Us - Our Services - Subpage ImageBut we offer far more than you may expect and more than you're likely to find at most doctor's offices. Some of the other valuable services we provide include the following:

  • Choice between 29 locations while still getting your care within the same physician group practice.
  • Same-day appointments for urgent visits.
  • Short wait times for specialists (in many cases, patients can see a specialist the same or the day after their primary care doctor refers them).
  • 24/7 support beyond simply relying on the local emergency room; patients can access an advice nurse or go to urgent care centers staffed with emergency medicine physicians, that are open around the clock and fully connected to their doctor's medical records.
  • The convenience of having most care in one spot - each doctor's office has a lab, pharmacy and x-ray machines (in many cases, the mammography machine, CT, MRI and ultrasound are also onsite).
  • Direct booking of patients' specialty-care appointments by their primary care physician, so patients can avoid the hassle of finding and going back and forth with the specialist's office staff to confirm an appointment.
  • Concierge-like access to Permanente physicians through secure e-mail, online appointments (for primary care) and video chat visits at no cost (for selected services); with all doctors supported by a 24/7 appointment and medical advice telephone service.
  • Free online access and mobile app that supports scheduling, emailing, lab-result viewing, pharmacy refills, video chat visits and more.
  • Support in finding clinical trials - within Kaiser Permanente or at institutions, such as NIH and major universities, for which patients may qualify.

Patients who choose to use Permanente services receive an extreme level of convenience on par with a fee-based, concierge medical practice. But most importantly, they get the assurance of choosing an organization that has achieved great reliability and safety from conducting more than 2.5 million patient encounters and performing more than 25,000 surgeries per year.