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Kashan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Kashan, Iran
Union Memorial Hospital, Baltimore, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

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Neurology NEU1
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8008 Westpark Dr
Mclean, VA 22102
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I am excited to be part of the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group, the most respected model of integrated care in the United States for its effective, systematic coordination of primary and specialty care to produce optimal outcomes.

In addition to my medical training, I have a PhD in molecular biology and neuroscience from Nottingham University Medical School in the United Kingdom.  As a neuroscientist, the complexities of neurological disorders amaze and motivate me.

I specialize in neurology, with a particular interest in the most perplexing and chronic neurodegenerative ailments, i.e., Parkinson’s disease, dizziness, gait impairment, ataxia, tremor, dystonia and dementia. I provide my patients with DBS programming and Botox injections to meet their individual health needs.

I strive to carve a productive and innovative path in neurology in order to provide my patients with outstanding care and excellent service.

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  • Top Doctor, Northern Virginia Magazine, 2020

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I have been a Kaiser Permanente member for well over a decade, and in that time I have received really excellent care from an extensive list of fine doctors, but I want to take special notice of neurologist Dr. Zahra Rezvani .... I had been tentatively diagnosed .... with Parkinsonism and then with Parkinson's Disease. Dr. Rezvani decided to take a fresh look. She spent quite a bit of time asking questions, observing my gait and reviewing diagnostic criteria. She suspected that I did not have Parkinson's but might have normal pressure hydrocephalus (i.e. water on the brain) .... The new diagnosis calls for the installation of a shunt in the brain to drain off excess cerebrospinal fluid, thus relieving the symptoms. Dr. Rezvani is thorough, compassionate, very smart and logical. I owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude, and I recommend her unreservedly to anyone with neurological issues and suspected movement disorders. - RA

Dr. Rezvani is a wonderful doctor who has helped me better cope with my Parkinson's disease. At every appointment she shows genuine concern, takes her time to ask about my symptoms and evaluates my condition. She is very dedicated .... She is a good listener and offers suggestions and accepts mine. While I have found all the doctors at Kaiser Permanente to be wonderful, I am especially grateful to have Dr. Rezvani as my neurologist. - HR

One thing I have learned on my long and difficult journey is how hard it often is to diagnose neurological conditions. The other thing I have learned is how fortunate I am to have Dr. Rezvani on my side. She never gives up. She is smart and determined and she keeps on working to uncover what is causing my symptoms. She is also kind and compassionate and empathetic. I could not be in better hands. She is a wonderful doctor. - LC

I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Rezvani as my physician. She is very kind and caring as well as very knowledgeable and personable. She takes time to address both my questions and concerns. Her professionalism and medical expertise are exceptional, and she has earned my respect and trust. - SB

Dr. Rezvani is [a] miracle for me. She is kind, polite, helpful and very caring. Ever since I was diagnosed [with] Parkinson’s, I never wanted to go to the neurologist, but after visiting Dr. Rezvani, I feel welcomed. After seeing her, I’m much, much, much better. I wish I could have been visiting her sooner. In one word, she is [a] miracle for me and I don’t want to change her. - RK

I was first seen by Dr. Rezvani when admitted to Virginia Hospital Center. I was very fortunate to have been put under her care. She was very attentive and caring during her initial visit to assess my condition while in the emergency room. Subsequently she has been extraordinarily knowledgeable, astute and has up-to-the minute information on various studies and research pertaining to her field. She's a wonderful physician, and a very sincerely caring individual. She is very intelligent and caring. Dr. Rezvani is a gift to any patient. I'm very blessed to be under her care. Thank you KP and Dr. Rezvani. - TA

Dr. Zahra Rezvani is an excellent, one-of-a-kind doctor. She is very personable, compassionate and helpful. She keeps open communication with me via the Kaiser Permanente app and responds promptly. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs to see a neurologist. - MTM

In the midst of the COVID-19 slowdown, I am finally giving overdue praise to a doctor that epitomizes excellent healthcare. I have been remiss for not formally thanking Dr. Zahra Rezvani for her life-changing medical advice and efforts. Further, Kaiser Permanente deserves commendation for having such an exceptional asset and reliable medical resource on staff. My father and I share the caregiving of my 88-year-old mother …. for Parkinson’s and Dementia for approximately four years …. In January 2020, we were referred to Dr. Rezvani. From day one, Dr. Rezvani demonstrated an unparalleled degree of patience, willingness to listen and compassion. During the first visit, Dr. Rezvani gave my mother an examination that was more comprehensive than any other I had witnessed for my mother …. She was detail-oriented, attentive and fully engaged. Most importantly, she was prepared. It was obvious that prior to our visit, Dr. Rezvani had thoroughly reviewed the details of my mother’s medical history/record including the previous scans and MRIs …. After seeing how comfortable my mother was with Dr. Rezvani and experiencing such a drastic improvement in my mother’s well-being from just an initial visit, we requested to move my mother under Dr. Rezvani’s care – BEST MEDICAL DECISION EVER!!! Ever since, Dr. Rezvani has consistently approached every health challenge with a can-conquer attitude. She has gone above and beyond to analyze my mother’s case and exhaust every possibility for treatment …. Taking her advice, my mother has shown more improvement over the past four months than she has over the last year or more. To date, my mother walks up and down stairs with little assistance and she is capable of discussing current events; some things that did not seem possible just four months ago. We credit Dr. Rezvani’s medical knowledge and benevolence for my mother’s enhanced quality of life …. She has truly elevated my family’s faith in doctors and hospitals. She has proven to be knowledgeable and genuine in her practice of medicine. From knowledge and experience to commitment and hope, she sets an exceptionally high standard for care. In the midst of such extreme health challenges, I just pray that every person in need of medical assistance is blessed enough to have a doctor like Dr. Rezvani by their side. I could go on forever expressing my gratitude and I do when I give thanks daily for every moment that I am blessed with my mother’s presence, but truly no words can express the difference Dr. Rezvani has made. By taking enough interest and time to review my mother’s records, examine her thoroughly, listen attentively to her and her caregivers, and apply her expert medical knowledge and experience, she has enhanced and prolonged my mother’s life. For this, we owe her a WORLD OF GRATITUDE! Heartfelt thanks to Kaiser for introducing us to Dr. Rezvani. As my mother still has health challenges, we are ever so grateful to have been referred to Dr. Rezvani. In her, we feel as though we have a trusted medical expert, advocate and partner in care. - MT

Dr. Rezvani has truly been a blessing to our family and in helping my 75-year-old father with his stage 4 Parkinson's condition .... I can only imagine that Dr. Rezvani takes immense care and interest in her patients [after] seeing the amount of time she has spent trying to learn about my dad's medical history, [and] asking detailed questions and figuring out ways to help him .... Dr. Rezvani's methodical approach for figuring out generally overlooked relationships between symptoms and treating them has helped my dad immensely. It's very rare to come across a doctor that's so passionate to help patients as Dr. Rezvani [does]. We sincerely thank Dr. Rezvani and Kaiser Permanente for making such a great doctor available to their members. May God bless you, Dr. Rezvani. - SG