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Student Placement Requirements

These placements are only for the facilities in the Northern California Greater Southern Alameda Area located in Fremont, San Leandro, Hayward and Union City.

  • All students must be represented by an affiliated school and program which has a signed contract on file with the Northern California Kaiser Permanente Regional Office.
  • All externships must go through the Kaiser Permanente Placement Coordinator.
  • Department Managers must agree to accommodate the student placement.
  • Students must submit required paperwork, immunization records, supporting documents, and online training certificates of completion prior to externship starting.
  • Submitting incomplete, illegible or old documentation may delay the placement process so allow sufficient time for your paperwork to be processed
  • Make sure what you're submitting  is easy to read and that you're sending a complete packet.
  • To protect your personal health information we request you submit your paperwork by fax or using a secure email. 

    For more information about steps in our process review this diagram.PDF  File size: 117 KB

    To check that your packet is complete review the checklist for your location       HospitalPDF  File size: 56 KB       ClinicPDF  File size: 25 KB       OfficePDF  File size: 24 KB

    For assistance on accessing or replying to a secure message please review this job aidePDF  File size: 120 KB.


General Student Placement     Phone: (510) 675-6844     Fax: (510) 675-6673
Inpatient Nursing Rotations     Phone: (510) 675-5530     Fax: (510) 675-5535 

Student Placement Process

6-8 weeks before your desired start date

  1. Placement Request submitted:  CPPS by School   School Placement formPDF  File size: 108 KB   or Student Placement RequestPDF  File size: 102 KB
  2.  Additional information may be requested
  • School certificate of insurance
  • Objectives of externship
  • Preceptor requirements
  • StudentResume

After being notified that placement will be accommodated

  1. Submit student information for building NUID    Inpatient Nursing Rotation School RosterPDF  File size: 48 KB or Student Information SheetPDF  File size: 43 KB

4-6 weeks before your desired start date submit

  1.  Affiliated School Checklist for Students   Inpatient Nursing RotationsPDF  File size: 2148 KB   Other StudentsPDF  File size: 63 KB
  2. Immunization records requested on the Affiliated School Checklist
  3. Attestation PacketPDF  File size: 3295 KB
  4. Documentation requested on the Affiliated School Checklist
  5. Online Certificates of Completion     HospitalPDF  File size: 537 KB   ClinicPDF  File size: 240 KB   OfficePDF  File size: 239 KB.
  6. Additional Paperwork as needed     

After you submit your student placement paperwork the file will be reviewed. You'll be notified if additional paperwork is needed. 

Prior to your first day of externship review and print out as needed 

  1. Department OrientationPDF  File size: 28 KB
  2. Security Badge RequestPDF  File size: 33 KB
  3. Parking and Security Handouts


Additional Information - KP Learn

Additional Information - Parking Handouts

Additional Information - Security Handouts

General Student Placement     Phone: (510) 675-6844     Fax: (510) 675-6673

Inpatient Nursing Rotations     Phone: (510) 675-5530     Fax: (510) 675-5535 



Southern Alameda County

Fremont, Hayward, San Leandro and Union City