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Portable Electronic Medical Record

pemrTake your medical information anywhere.
Kaiser Permanente is happy to offer the Portable Electronic Medical Record. This flash drive stores a summary of your current medical record. It's a convenient and secure way for you to take your information with you when you travel. And it can be accessed quickly and easily by a non Kaiser Permanente physician with a computer.

To safeguard your privacy, all personal information is encrypted and password protected. Your emergency contact information, however, is stored in such a way that a family member or friend can be contacted in case you're unable to provide the password.

Pocket some real peace of mind.
For only $5.00, the Portable Electronic Medical Record can give you or someone you love important protection. And once you have the device, updates are free. So toss it in your purse. Stick it in your pocket. Clip it to your backpack. And carry a little Kaiser Permanente with you wherever you go.

The flash drive contains the following information:

  • Patient demographics, including age, gender, and ethnicity

  • Language preferences

  • Contact information for family and friends

  • Primary care physician(s) information

  • Active medical problem lists

  • Allergies

  • Immunization records

  • Lab results from the past year

  • Medications prescribed or refilled in the past year

  • Clinic visit information with diagnoses and procedures in the past year

  • Hospitalization with diagnoses and procedures

  • Most recent EKGs, (Electrocardiography, a recording of the electrical activity of the heart over time via skin electrodes) and chest X-rays - both readings and images. 

To get your Portable Electronic Medical Record, visit:

  • Campbell:
    Medical Secretary, 1st floor
    220 Hacienda Ave.
    Campbell, CA 95008

  • Milpitas:
    Forms Intake/Medical Secretary, 2nd floor
    770 E. Calaveras Blvd.
    Milpitas, CA 95035

  • Mountain View:
    Medical Secretary, 2nd floor
    555 Castro Street
    Mountain View, CA 94041

  • Santa Clara:
    Patient Records/Release of Information, Dept. # 160
    710 Lawrence Expressway
    Santa Clara, CA 95051

Santa Clara

Medical Center