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Donations are "sew" appreciated by Kaiser Permanente patients

Mike and Terry Berkery with Rev. Art Lillicropp holding prayer blanketsKaiser Permanente has friends in Placerville who are helping to keep patients warm and comforted during their care.

A group of women at the Church of Our Savior recently put their ministry and mission into action on Tuesday when they delivered 17 handmade blankets and quilts to the Spiritual Care Services department at the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center.

Two representatives from the church, Mike and Terry Berkery, delivered the blankets to Rev. Art Lillicropp, the chaplain and manager of Spiritual Care Services at the medical center.

The Berkerys said Rev. Lillicropp had earlier conducted a service at their church and explained blankets were needed to comfort and warm patients in palliative and end-of-life care. The congregation put its sewing machines and needles to work.

"We are not a big church, but we are a generous church," said Terry Berkery. "People are not aware there is a need here."

Mike Berkery calls Rev. Lillicropp "an inspiration to everyone he comes into contact with."

Rev. Lillicropp was moved by the generous donation and said patients will appreciate them, particularly those who get chilled while receiving chemotherapy.

"[These blankets] are a symbol that God's love is always with them," he said.

Terry says the blankets take two to four hours to make. Church members bought the materials and got together on Saturdays to sew as a group. But sometimes the women would take the blankets home to finish them. Church members pray over the blankets once they are finished.

This is the third blanket donation from the Church of Our Savior congregation, which plans to continue making them because they know there is a need.

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