Are you having back pain with any of the following?

  • Severe pain, weakness or tingling in your leg(s).
  • Difficulty stopping urination or loss of control of bladder or bowels.
  • Unexplained fever, nausea or vomiting.
  • A history of cancer or unexplained weight loss.

We understand that you are experiencing one or more of the health issues that might be impacting your back pain.

We recommend that you discuss these health issues with your doctor before proceeding with this program.

Once you are cleared by your doctor to do this program, we hope it helps you find relief from your back pain.

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Two MA's Fight against Colon Cancer

Aug 15, 2016

Two Medical Assistants, both from different Kaiser Permanente medical centers took their personal passion and commitment in the fight against cancer to new heights. Pam Gonzalez from San Jose and Aracelis Oros from Santa Clara both know about the loss and devastation that a cancer diagnosis can have on a family. Their own experiences had linked them together as the Team Captains of this summer’s American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event that was hosted at the Eastridge Shopping Mall on Saturday, August 6th.

Together, as team captains they both encouraged staff, physicians and patients to be an active participant in the one day event that drew hundreds to the busy shopping Mall. Both have lost members of their families due to a combination of lack of access to early screening or detection and language disparities that do not allow the right information to be shared. For this reason, each was compelled to give of their time to ensure that those disparities are reduced or eliminated.

Pam and Araceli, both Latina are driven to change the course of how cancer care is viewed by the Latino community. In particular, colorectal cancer, which affects a higher percentage of Latinos than whites and is on the rise. With early detection it is a cancer that is preventable. “Working in Radiation Oncology I have always tried to make myself available in helping with interpretation for our Spanish members so that they can understand everything in their own language” states Araceli. 

For Pam, the reason why she served as the volunteer team captain is because of all the cancer patients who have touched her life.  “They inspire me to appreciate life more than anything, she states.” My sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer by a routine mammogram, received treatment and has been cancer free for over a year now.  My husband's mother was diagnosed with late stage stomach cancer almost twenty years ago and died soon after being diagnosed. She emphasizes that the loss of loved ones is why she feels it is so important to be aware and fight against cancer.

It was a wonderful gathering of individuals who collectively shared the same vision to fight cancer and to educate our community about preventive screenings. And with our focus on colorectal cancer,we dedicated our booth support and exhibit space to expanding our educational footprint in addressing this specific cancer with the Latino community

As an official sponsor of the event with the American Cancer Society, we were able to use the Kaiser Permanente mobile health van and having our staff on hand to advocate and promote for greater cancer screening. In particular, following the La Salud Permanente model we were able to actively promote  the importance of colorectal cancer screening amongst the Latino community.

We had close to 50 volunteers and raised over $6,000 to fight cancer in San Jose and Santa Clara.

Araceli Oros, Medical Assistant



Pam Gonzales, Medical Assistant

Destination health: Stopping cancer before it starts

Focus on cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and research

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