Are you having back pain with any of the following?

  • Severe pain, weakness or tingling in your leg(s).
  • Difficulty stopping urination or loss of control of bladder or bowels.
  • Unexplained fever, nausea or vomiting.
  • A history of cancer or unexplained weight loss.

We understand that you are experiencing one or more of the health issues that might be impacting your back pain.

We recommend that you discuss these health issues with your doctor before proceeding with this program.

Once you are cleared by your doctor to do this program, we hope it helps you find relief from your back pain.

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Ashley Brazil, LCGC


Welcome to My Doctor Online! We hope you find this website useful to take care of your healthcare needs. On this site you will find answers to many of your questions about my clinical practice as a Genetic Counselor. There are also features that allow you to email me directly or check your laboratory results – I hope you use them, even if you just wanted to say hello. I look forward to working with you and being part of your health care team!

My Offices

Sacramento Medical Center
Appt/Advice: 916-614-4075

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