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Eric Lin, MD

Plastic Surgery

Welcome to My Doctor Online. I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in your care and hope to make it easier for you to meet your health care needs. My colleagues and I have developed this website so you can e-mail me, check your lab results, refill prescriptions, access our many online programs or get information about a particular health topic that we have evaluated or written ourselves – any time it's convenient for you.

My Offices

Santa Rosa Medical Center
Appt/Advice: 707-566-5288

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Plastic Surgery is derived from the Greek word, plastikos, which means to reshape or reform. Plastic surgeons use various techniques to reconstruct different body parts to normalize form & function. We also perform cosmetic surgery to improve appearance.

I gained my first glimpse into plastic surgery watching Dr. Timothy Miller, now the Chief of Plastic Surgery at UCLA, realigning pieces of fractured facial bones with screws & plates, giving the patient back his form & function. The same afternoon, he performed a facelift, providing a rejuvenated look for an actress.

During my residency at the University of Washington in Seattle, I got exposure to a variety of plastic surgery procedures, ranging from reconstruction of breasts, burns, and congenital deformities to cosmetic surgery of face and body.

After completion of residency, I sought a position in a large multi-specialty group practice where I could focus on high-quality patient care. I was very pleased to join Kaiser Permanente and worked for the Fresno Medical Center, where I served as the Chief of Plastic Surgery. In 2004, I transferred to Santa Rosa Medical Center and have been delighted to find the same focus on uncompromising service and care, all that I would want for my own family. 

Interesting story from my training - PF was a man in his 60's with a history of esophageal cancer. He underwent surgery to remove his esophagus that successfully treated his cancer. However, he had to rely on a liquid diet for the rest of his life. His only wish in life was to be able to eat steak again and presented to the plastic surgery clinic requesting reconstruction.

Due to his many prior surgeries and other medical conditions, there was only one option, create an esophagus by rolling a skin flap from his back, then connect the skin roll to his neck and stomach, where his esophagus used to sit. Additionally, blood vessels had to be reconnected under the microscope. After many stages and hours of operation, the new esophagus was in place. It was complicated by poor venous blood flow, and we had to assist the circulation by placing leeches on the new organ. Imagine having leeches on your chest all the time for a week, with a nurse forcing them off every 2 hours from sucking on your blood. After a long recovery, the new esophagus survived, and he was able to eat steak again.

Roles and Responsibilities

I am currently the Chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery.


Medical EducationUC Los Angeles Medical Center,
Los Angeles, CA
InternshipUniversity of Washington Medical Center,
Seattle, WA
ResidencyUniversity of Washington Medical Center,
Seattle, WA
ResidencyUniversity of Washington Medical Center,
Seattle, WA
Board CertificationPlastic Surgery,
American Board of Plastic Surgery
Hospital Admitting PrivilegesSanta Rosa Medical Center
License Type
State of Issue
Doctor of Medicine
10/31/2018 00:00:00

Other Information

Accepting New Patients StatusAccepting new patients, referral may be required
Languages SpokenEnglish, Mandarin
Interpreters are available upon request. Learn more at the Interpreter Services Information page
National Provider Identifier1407930407
Plan AffiliationProviders listed on the Kaiser Permanente Provider Directory are available to most members.
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Professional Affiliations

    • Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. • Member, American Society of Plastic Surgeons • Member, California Medical Association • Member, Sonoma County Medical Association Current projects or research: • Silicone breast implants. • Poly-l-lactic acid (Sculptra) injection for lipodystrophy and aging.

My Colleagues

My colleagues at Kaiser Permanente are my best health resources.I also refer to the Merck Manual or Harrison's Principles of Medicine. I browse through a few journals regularly, including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, New England Journal of Medicine, and Journal of American Medical Association.


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