Are you having back pain with any of the following?

  • Severe pain, weakness or tingling in your leg(s).
  • Difficulty stopping urination or loss of control of bladder or bowels.
  • Unexplained fever, nausea or vomiting.
  • A history of cancer or unexplained weight loss.

We understand that you are experiencing one or more of the health issues that might be impacting your back pain.

We recommend that you discuss these health issues with your doctor before proceeding with this program.

Once you are cleared by your doctor to do this program, we hope it helps you find relief from your back pain.

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Nell Suby, MD

Gyn Oncology

Welcome to My Doctor Online, a web site that my colleagues and I developed to make it easier for you to take care of your healthcare needs. On this site you will find answers to many of your questions about my clinical practice. Also included are several online features that will allow you to e-mail me, check your laboratory results and refill prescriptions. I hope you find its content informative and useful.

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Sacramento Medical Center
Appt/Advice: 916-614-4055

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Health Tools and Classes

My colleagues and I are proud to offer you an array of trusted and convenient resources that support your health and your health care experience at Kaiser Permanente. Explore these tools and classes at times and places that work for you and your family.

Classes and Coaching

Take control with health and wellness classes, individual counseling and support group resources.

Living Healthy

Change your habits and embrace a healthy lifestyle for life.

Prepare for Your Procedure - Emmi

Understand what will happen before, during and after a medical procedure with these interactive programs.

Videos and Podcasts

Listen to health tips and guided imagery audio programs or tune in to videos and watch your health improve.

Classes and Coaching

Topic Tools
Healthy Living Search our database to find convenient, comprehensive health and wellness classes, individual counseling and support group resources, self-help kits and our healthy living stores. Health Classes
Healthy Living Learn how wellness coaches can help you create a plan for reaching your health goals. Wellness Coaching

Living Healthy

Topic Tools
Cold and Flu This Cold and Flu site was created to provide you helpful tips, tools and information to help get you through the season in good health. Cold, Flu and Cough
Healthy Living Search our database to find convenient, comprehensive health and wellness classes, individual counseling and support group resources, self-help kits and our healthy living stores. Health Classes
Healthy Living Learn how wellness coaches can help you create a plan for reaching your health goals. Wellness Coaching
Mental Health Need help reducing stress during the holidays? This podcast explores how holidays stress can sometimes trigger depression. Find ways to manage stress, stay healthy, and enjoy the holidays. (13 minutes) Holiday Depression
Prediabetes These videos focus on five important health topics that speak to the unique health care needs of the Latino community as well as two of the greatest health risks to Latinos today: diabetes and obesity. (5 Tracks) Choose Health
Prediabetes Learn about prediabetes with videos, classes or online tutorials. Track your progress and connect with others for support. Talk to a personal Wellness Coach to plan next steps. Prediabetes: A Healthy Game Plan
Prediabetes (Spanish) Estos vídeos se enfocan en cinco temas importantes sobre las necesidades únicas de la salud en la comunidad latina, así como dos de los mayores riesgos de la salud para los latinos hoy en día: la diabetes y la obesidad. (5 vídeos) Escoge la salud
Skin Dr. William Lide, Dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente discusses how to protect your skin from the sun, while enjoying the great outdoors. (9 minutes) Sun Protection
Sleep This guided imagery program creates an atmosphere of protection and safety using images that are evocative enough to successfully replace the brain chatter that keeps us awake. Recorded music draws mind, body and spirit down into deep, restful sleep. (3 Tracks) Healthful Sleep Podcast
Smoking Did you know there are medicines that can help you quit tobacco? We offer many options, including nicotine replacement medicines, non-nicotine medicines, and combination medicines. Our animated online program will help you learn more about which medication might be right for you, how to manage withdrawal symptoms, and how to succeed in quitting tobacco for good. Quit Tobacco Medications
Smoking HealthMedia® Breathe™ is an online program that helps give you a complete look at why it's hard to quit smoking and supports your motivation to give up the habit. Quit smoking with Breathe™
Stress This interactive questionnaire generates a customized action plan that shows you successful ways to reduce stress. Reduce stress with Relax™
Stress When you are feeling stressed, this program can help you relax and bring about a feeling of calm. Relaxation and Wellness
Stress This guided imagery program uses 4 exercises to help you master stress and relieve anxiety. The exercises are designed to encourage feelings of love, safety and protection. The program includes a soothing, walking meditation as well as affirmations to use any time. It integrates simple breathing techniques along with the images. (4 Tracks) Relieve Stress Podcast
Stress Kaiser Permanente surgeon Dr. Todd Dray discusses ways to identify stress and how it affects your daily life, and then outlines steps you can take today to reduce stress. (12 minutes) Stress Management
Stress Using a combination of relaxation techniques, guided imagery, and music, this program helps you manage stress and other symptoms due to chronic pain or other chronic conditions. (5 part series) Stress Management for Medical Conditions
Stress This tool will help you determine your stress level based on the number of life changes you have had recently. What is Your Stress Level?
Weight, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Use this Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to quickly learn if you are at a healthy weight for your height. BMI Calculator
Weight, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Lose weight, exercise, and eat healthy to improve your health. Find resources to help you reach your goals. Eat Well, Be Active, Live Better
Weight, Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Created for busy parents striving to provide healthy meals for their families, these three videos offer practical tips for shopping, cooking and preparing snacks. (3 videos) Healthy Tips for Families: Shopping, Cooking and Snacking
Women's Health Dr. Tracy Flanagan describes why cervical cancer screening is an important part of maintaining your health. Learn about what to expect during your Pap test appointment. (2 minutes) Cervical Cancer Screening Saves Lives
Women's Health (Spanish) La Dra. Janet Wiese describe por qué las pruebas de detección de cáncer de cuello de útero son importantes para conservar la salud. Conozca qué sucede durante la cita para la prueba de Papanicolaou. La detección del cáncer de cuello del útero salva vidas

Prepare for Your Procedure - Emmi

Topic Tools
Anesthesia What to expect when getting anesthesia for pain during a surgery; covers general, spinal and epidural anesthesia; explains moderate sedation. (20 minutes) Anesthesia for an Adult (Emmi)
Cancer Treatment Covers the basics of getting chemotherapy to treat cancer, including life during treatment, side effects, and common concerns. (25 minutes) Chemotherapy (Emmi)
Cancer Treatment Covers the basics of getting external-beam radiation therapy, including life during treatment and side effects. (25 minutes) Radiation Therapy (Emmi)
Hospital Stay How to follow your discharge instructions after you leave the hospital for enhanced recovery. What to expect when you go home including how to take new medications and when to call your doctor. (5 minutes) After Your Hospital Visit (Emmi)
Hospital Stay Information about staying in the hospital. Covers good communication, medications, and how to manage your pain. (10 minutes) What to Expect During Your Hospital Stay (Emmi)
Hysterectomy Covers what to expect after a hysterectomy, including preparing for recovery and medical changes after the procedure. Also addresses common questions. (20 minutes) Hysterectomy Recovery (Emmi)
Hysterectomy Step-by-step overview of estrogen therapy after a hysterectomy. Covers what estrogen can do for you, how hormones affect your body, and alternatives. (15 minutes) Hysterectomy Recovery, Estrogen Therapy (Emmi)
Hysterectomy Learn about the surgery to remove the uterus using small incisions in the abdomen. Covers why the procedure is performed, the risks and benefits, and alternatives. (20 min) Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic & Robot-Assisted (Emmi)
Hysterectomy What to expect before, during, and after the procedure to remove the uterus, cervix, and possible Fallopian tubes and ovaries for cancer treatment. Covers why it's done, the role of the robot, how it may help, and tips on recovery. Reviews alternative procedures such as other hysterectomies and non-surgical techniques. Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic & Robot-Assisted, for Cancer Treatment (Emmi)
Hysterectomy What to expect before, during and after this surgery to remove the uterus. Includes risks and benefits, and tips on recovery. (20 minutes) Hysterectomy, Laparoscopic (Emmi)
Uterine Procedures What to expect before, during, and after the procedure to view the inside of a uterus with a scope device and potential D&C. Covers the the risks and benefits of the procedure, and tips on recovery. Hysteroscopy, Diagnostic, with D&C (Emmi)
Venous Access Port What to expect before, during and after this procedure to make it easier to get medicine into your body. Covers risks and benefits, and tips on recovery. (20 minutes) Jugular Venous Access Port (Emmi)
Venous Access Port What to expect before, during and after surgery to implant a small entry point near the collarbone for putting medicine into your bloodstream. Covers risks and benefits, and tips on recovery. (20 minutes) Subclavian Venous Access Port (Emmi)

Videos and Podcasts

Topic Tools
Cancer Designed to help people undergoing chemotherapy, this guided imagery audio provides a gentle but powerful way to encourage healing. Using an image of a fountain of healing liquid that cleanses and clears the body, it supports the body’s natural defense system and helps reduce any side effects. (3 Tracks) Chemotherapy
Cancer This guided imagery program helps listeners strengthen motivation and mobilize their energy to successfully fight cancer. It combines images of tumors shrinking and fighter cells battling and triumphing over cancer cells. Empowering music broadcasts strength, support, safety and hope. (3 Tracks) Fight Cancer
Cancer Using the image of a powerful beam of light that knows exactly how to heal you, this program is designed to help you relax, feel stronger, and get the most out of your radiation therapy. Research shows that listening to guided imagery can help speed healing, soothe nerves, restore energy, and relieve pain. Try to listen once or twice a day before or after your treatments, but remember any time is a good time to use guided imagery. (3 Tracks) Radiation Therapy
Pain Management This guided imagery program is designed for people who want help in managing pain. By encouraging relaxation when you are in physical or emotional pain, refocusing the mind, and marshalling brain chemicals that elevate mood, this audio program helps minimize or even transform pain. (3 Tracks) Ease Pain
Surgery Listen to Guided Imagery to reduce anxiety before surgery and assist in healing. (5 Tracks) Relaxation podcast: Successful Surgery
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