Are you having back pain with any of the following?

  • Severe pain, weakness or tingling in your leg(s).
  • Difficulty stopping urination or loss of control of bladder or bowels.
  • Unexplained fever, nausea or vomiting.
  • A history of cancer or unexplained weight loss.

We understand that you are experiencing one or more of the health issues that might be impacting your back pain.

We recommend that you discuss these health issues with your doctor before proceeding with this program.

Once you are cleared by your doctor to do this program, we hope it helps you find relief from your back pain.

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Nora Garcia, MD


Welcome to My Doctor Online! My colleagues and I designed this website because we believe that communication with your pediatrician is key to keeping your family healthy. From this webpage, you can e-mail me, check lab results, check immunizations, or make an appointment. You can also access our many online programs or get information about a particular health topic for you or your child - any time it's convenient for you.

My Offices

Oakland Medical Center
Appt/Advice: 510-752-1200

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Why I am a Kaiser Permanente Physician
Our goal here at Kaiser Permanente is to help you be your very best. In turn, we strive to be the best doctors possible. We want to help you and your family achieve well-being. That’s my personal philosophy, as well, so it’s easy to practice medicine in a system that I believe in. I’m proud to be a member of the Department of Pediatrics here in Oakland. Every one of my colleagues is a pleasure to work with and values your well-being as much as I do.

Why I am a Pediatrician
I chose pediatrics for so many reasons. I love your children. I am privileged to be a part of their lives. They make me happy, and when they are ill, I want to do everything in my power to make them well. As they grow older, I want to empower them as young adults. I want to role model for them, and to let them know that anything they work hard for is possible. I want them to know that their health is precious, and give them the tools to be healthy in mind and body. Can there be any greater gift?

I see patients at two different locations. The majority of the week I work in the Salud en Espanol Clinic which is located on the 4th floor of the Fabiola building (4A). All other times, I work on the 6th floor of the Mosswood building in General Pediatrics. When making your appointment to see me, please ask which facility I will be working at to clarify where I will be located on that day. You may also e-mail me with any non-urgent question, or make a phone appointment to discuss non-urgent issues. 

My Story
I immigrated from South America with my mother when I was 4. I remember a time when not too many doctors spoke Spanish. It was my goal to be one of those few who did. It feels great to know that I am a part of 2 beautiful cultures, and that I can relate to so many different patients in a number of different ways. Viva Bien y fortalesca su Salud. Simply put, just Thrive.


Medical EducationUC Los Angeles, School of Medicine,
Los Angeles, CA
InternshipChildren's Hospital,
Oakland, CA
ResidencyCalifornia Department of Health Services,
Sacramento, CA
ResidencyKaiser Permanente Medical Center,
Oakland, CA
Board CertificationPediatrics,
American Board of Pediatrics
Hospital Admitting PrivilegesOakland Medical Center
Richmond Medical Center
License Type
State of Issue
Doctor of Medicine
10/31/2018 00:00:00

Other Information

Accepting New Patients StatusNot accepting new patients at this time; view available physicians at Choose Your Doctor
Languages SpokenEnglish, Spanish
Interpreters are available upon request. Learn more at the Interpreter Services Information page
National Provider Identifier1225116023
Plan AffiliationProviders listed on the Kaiser Permanente Provider Directory are available to most members.
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