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      2020 Seminars in Genetics Series

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The 2020 webinar series included the following sessions: 

  • 1/14/20 – Increasing Detection of Familial Hypercholesterolemia
    Ann Stembridge MS, LCGC; Leslie Manace MD, MPhil; Richard Birnbaum, MD
  • 2/11/20 – Utility of the perinatal autopsy in the age of broad-spectrum genetic testing
    Galen Schauer, MD
  • 3/10/20 – Mitochondrial Disease, Making the Diagnosis & Metabolic Management
    Rebecca Ganetzky, MD
  • 4/14/20 – Transforming outcomes of children in ICUs by rapid precision medicine 
    Stephen Kingsmore, MD, DSc
  • 5/12/20 – Autosomal Dominant Hereditary Cancer Syndromes and the Reproductive Risks for Autosomal Recessive Conditions 
    Christine Kobelka, MS, LCGC; Kelly Adams, MS, LCGC; Bryce Mendelsohn, MD, PhD; Kristina Keilman, MS, LCGC
  • 6/09/20 – HHT and Vascular Anomalies Not to Miss 
    UCSF HHT Team: Conrad Miles, MD MPH; Joseph Shieh, MD, PhD; Patricia Loftus, MD
  • 7/14/20 – Inherited Retinal Degenerations: Overview, Patient Resources and Clinical Trials 
    Jacque Duncan, MD
  • 8/11/20 – Phenotypes of Desmoplakin Cardiomyopathy: From ARVC to Inflammation 
    Victoria Parikh, MD
  • 10/13/20 – KPNC Prenatal Genetic Carrier Screening Program Update: 1 Year Later 
    David Witt, MD; Kimberly Wendt, MS, LCGC
  • 11/10/20 – Detection of RNA Splicing Abnormalities in Clinical Genetics 
    Elizabeth Bhoj, MD, PhD; Yoseph Barash, PhD