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Lp(a)Lipoprotein little (a) is a subset of fats that, if elevated (usually over 100), are felt to be another risk factor for developing early coronary artery disease or strokes.
PreconceptionBefore pregnancy. Preconception counseling refers to counseling that takes place prior to a couple beginning a pregnancy. Includes an assessment of personal and family medical history, risk factors (including age and lifestyle factors), as well as certain screening blood tests, such as ethnicity-based screening tests.
Risk factorA clearly defined occurrence or characteristic that has been associated with the increased rate of a subsequently occurring disease; something that increases the chance of a disease occurring (patched together from Dorland's).
Risk factorsThese are factors that can increase the likelihood of elevated cholesterol and coronary artery disease and are as follows: age, gender, overweight, smoker, elevated blood pressure, lack of exercise, and family history of elevated cholesterol (i.e., low HDL or elevated Lp(a) and/or stroke or heart attack prior to age 55.)