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VATER /VACTERL associationsBoth names are acronyms referring to a cluster of diverse abnormal conditions observed to occur together non-randomly. VACTERL describes abnormalities of the V = vertebrae, A = anus, C = cardiovascular tree, T = trachea, E = esophagus, R = renal system, and L =limb buds.
VectorIn cloning, the plasmid or phage used to carry the cloned DNA segment.
Ventral wall defectA defect in the abdominal wall causing intestines and sometimes other internal organs to be present outside of the body. Omphalocele and gastroschisis are the two most common defects. Also called abdonimal wall defect.

This can refer to a chamber in the brain or two chambers of the heart of a human being.

Voluntary musclesMuscle that is under the control of the will and is generally attached to the skeleton.